After School Learning and Community
for Gifted Children

Bridgett Wonder is passionate about gifted and talented education (GATE). Your child has the right to learn in ways that are appropriate and engaging—learning without limits.

Best Practices

Research and experience clearly demonstrate that highly capable students learn more quickly and learn abstract concepts at younger ages than more typical students. Repetition and additional busy work do not aid your child’s learning. It is important your gifted child has lessons that provide enough support and time to learn a concept, but then move forward at an accelerated pace. Bridgett Wonder, MS has eight years experience teaching in a full-time gifted program in the Lake Washington School District.

Perfection and Persistence

Many gifted and talented students need to learn that perfection does not lead to learning. Your highly capable child must be taught that only when she makes mistakes, can real learning happen. Perfectionism holds students back, as does a lack of persistence when the answers don’t come quickly and easily. Only in an environment of safety and trust can children engage in the type of risk taking that leads to deeper understanding and incredible academic success.

Social and Emotional Development

In addition, most gifted children have specific social and emotional needs. Your child is likely to be more intense, more focused, more perceptive, more inquisitive, and less socially adept.  GATE research indicates that gifted and talented youth learn optimally with other advanced students in classrooms that are focused toward understanding and supporting the learning styles and challenges that come with being gifted. At Creating Wonder, mistakes will be celebrated (this takes time to learn!). Your child will be explicitly taught the mindset that perseverance and effort are the path to learning and success in academics and all areas of life.


As a former Parent Educator, Bridgett has the skills and knowledge to assist you, the parents, in understanding and supporting your gifted student(s) so that home life can be a more harmonious experience. This can be accomplished with one on one coaching sessions or with classes on desired parent topics.

Optimal gifted and talented education is what Creating Wonder is all about. An environment that relies on the best practices for supporting your gifted child in learning and in life: an experienced certified GATE teacher that can foster deep relationships, appropriate academic strategies geared exclusively for your gifted child, and opportunities to experiment and explore.