Gifted Learning on Bainbridge Island

Early release: 1:30 to 3:30

Mathematics, especially for younger students is often synonymous with arithmetic. Your gifted child does not need the repetition of multiple arithmetic algorithms. Highly Capable students understand more abstract concepts at a much younger ages.  Mathematics is the study of conceptual patterns.

We will explore the concepts and patterns that comprise the field. Logic and other types of problem solving will challenge your child’s understanding of the system and motivate deeper thought. Your child will be engaged by learning the entire picture of the field of mathematics and what exactly a mathematician does.

By Appointment

Tuesday will be devoted to one on one focused assistance on an area of challenge your gifted child is facing.

3:00 to 5:00 pm

Clear, concise written communication is critical in today’s world. During our time on Wednesdays, your child will focus on the art and craft of writing. She will explore the different forms that writing takes as well as the conventions required.

Your child will create a journal entry each week which is a critical skill used by professional writers. Good writing takes many forms: fiction, fairy tale, essay, how-to, persuasive essay, biography and more. Your child will choose a genre or a topic of interest and write a finished product in the appropriate form for the topic. Yes, parts of writing can seem mundane (grammar, anyone?), but are critical when you want your writing to be understood by your reader. We will create written products and books of many types such that students can produce fun and meaningful written material that has a purpose.

By Appointment

Thursdays will be devoted to enrichment for individuals or groups of students in an area of choice.

3:00 to 5:00 pm

The first Friday of each month, students will explore various art media to learn the properties and capabilities each has.  This will be a positive place to experiment.


A $5.00 supply fee will be collected at each class.

Additional Fridays may be added by appointment.