Bridgett Wonder, MS

Bridgett Wonder

Bridgett has been passionate about children and their development as long as she can remember. From teaching neighborhood preschoolers when she was eight years old, to becoming a certified gifted educator in an elementary school setting. Bridgett is also passionate about learning. This is one of the reasons she enjoys having a community of gifted children immensely. She learns so many new facts every day in her discoveries with her students.

In her role as the educator of gifted children, she assesses her students continually, individualizes instruction as much as possible, and follows her students interests. She counsels parents of children who are not a good match for gifted instruction, helps twice exceptional students succeed, and holds her students to the highest standards while supporting their success.

With Creating Wonder, Bridgett supports gifted students and their parents. Her vision is a community of learners in which her students can take risks academically and socially. No one knows her students better than their parents. It is her hope that parents will become an integral part of the program as much as life will allow. Bridgett also enjoys coaching parents to help ease conflict and emotions at home.


  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology —Arizona State University  
  • Master of Science in Human Development— University of Texas at Dallas 
  • Graduate Studies in Developmental Psychology—University of Denver
  • Graduate program leading to elementary teaching certification—University of Washington, Bothell
  • Professional GATE development opportunities as a learner and instructor
  • Certificated teacher—Washington State

Career History

  • Instructor of Psychology and Child Development, Arapaho Community College, Denver, Colorado
  • Parent Educator, Bellevue Community College, Bellevue, Washington
  • Elementary Gifted Educator, Lake Washington School District, Redmond, Washington