Educational Experiences for Students During Covid-19 School Closure

I am offering both one-on-one and small group educational sessions remotely through the end of the school year.
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Learning Without Limits

Creating Wonder is a place on Bainbridge Island where your gifted and talented student, kindergartener through fourth grader, can explore, understand, and grow at their individual pace. Experienced, certificated gifted educator, Bridgett Wonder, MS, will be your highly capable child’s guide and mentor as they are exposed to authentic learning opportunities in mathematics, reading, writing, and science without limits. Each weekday, your child will explore one of these academic areas using the current Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) recommendations for optimal learning.

Research clearly indicates that your highly capable child needs to learn from an advanced curriculum and trained educator in which lessons are compacted, scaffolded, and accelerated. Academic achievement is strengthened when gifted and talented students are grouped together. It allows your child to see both in herself, and in peers, areas of strength and weakness. For most gifted students, the standard curriculum provides easy success. Teaching your child a growth mindset in which mistakes and persistence are equivalent to learning, is the best life tool for strong academic growth.

Investigate the individual after school learning opportunities for your child and enroll now.

After School Learning on Bainbridge Island

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Creating Wonder - Turning Pages Tuesday - After school learning on Bainbridge Island

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